The Viewpoint of a Football Player – How to Ensure It Increases Performance


Already in August 2003 together with my team at one time, the Pittsburgh Steelers, held the first stay struggle for the training camp. As a beginner from the NFL, I have practiced a number of times with this team, but this is actually the first time I will really adjust it to get “full touch and overcome goal line struggles”. Settings are easy. Violation of the first and second teams will fight the first and second team guards. Violation experienced 4 downs to print touch down. If they feel, they win; when they neglect to evaluate the defense they get.

First team violations and defenses require the subject. The crimes included Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, Plaxico Burress, along with Tommy Maddox as opposed to the shield consisting of Joey Porter, James Farrior, along with Kendrell Bell. The opposing side is set against each other, the referee blows his whistle to start the drama hour, ” Tommy Maddox is called a rhythm, and then the ball has broken …… out of the minute, the phrase “the next level” is set for me บ้านผลบอล.

“The Next Level” is a term commonly used by athletes who refers to the ability to appear in professional arenas such as NFL, NBA or MLB. For me personally “Next Level” is not just the title you get, eg Professional Soccer Players; however, it is more of a mindset, mindset and way of thinking when competing. So, I have produced three faculties which I think all athletes need to dominate to achieve “The Next Level”.

1. Engage, Apply and Think with 100% Nominal. Easy as that. You must have speed and just one speed – fast! That’s not something called “half level” or “steps”. Regardless of what the individual says, that is precisely what we practice and desire in the NFL. Mike Holmgren said it was most useful one day when practicing in mid-December despite preparing for the playoffs, “We run games full of levels throughout the week so that when the match comes will soon be the second character and all you have to do is react.”

2. Capable of “Flip the Switch” After the Whistle is Blown. This is probably one of the most emotional of these three qualities. Just imagine in the mind of a Cheetah stalking a deer and how careful, attentive and attentive it really is when he adjusts his approach. When Gazelle notices that he was hunted and starts operating, the Cheetah “flips the switch” and rushes to incredible speed. Within seconds it was Gazelle in his grasp and the hunt ended. This may be the same way that you have to approach each game. The normal drama of balls lasts 10 minutes or less, but when the ball is bumped, the literal turn must be remembered and every ounce of energy must be released at that moment.

3. Dominate. 1 phrase summarizes each quality that reaches “Next Level”. To dominate only the way to claim to be the best. Does that mean you have to be the best? NOT! That just means you operate, plan, practice, and believe that YOU CAN function as the best. You may never reach it and if you choose who can become a body that will soon become bigger. But if you compete and approach everything with 100 percent energy, dedication, commitment, and making yourself accountable, you will dominate. While I had fun in the Philadelphia Eagles during our series up to the Super Bowl in 2004, starting the tight end and 3-time collection of the Bowl Teacher, Chad Lewis will consistently explain to the team, “it’s time for you to DOMINATE!” That’s how you approach every conditioning, lift, clinic, play, and meet as an athlete. You tactic there is no additional way !!

When I witness the changing energy, pace and attitude shown by my teammates on the summer afternoon in Pittsburgh, I conclude that “The Next Level” is not only a name that benefits you, if you make it an NFL, that’s right – true a state of mind. and a way of life to get those who achieve greatness in athletics.

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