The Average Americans Spends A Quarter of Million Vanity During Their Lifetime

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Everyone knows that beauty is a multibillion dollar industry and Americans are the primary driving factor. Several news outlets and marketing companies have conducted a number of studies and the results appear to be very similar. A survey of over 100,000 people revealed that on average women spend over $300 a month, or something like $3700 a year on vanity and beauty products. This means that a woman will spend almost a quarter of a million between the ages of 18 to 78. Can you imagine having all that extra cash in your retirement account?

We talk to Dr. Carmen Briceno Crespi, a board-certified orthodontist in Miami lakes with over 12,000 cases to her name and asked for what is the driving factor for adults looking to get braces. She cited that although there are many different reasons about 5 to 10% is due to the malocclusion that require orthodontic appliances in order to avoid extractions at a later date. However, about 80 to 90% of all adult clients is a matter of looks. Especially as they advance in their careers.

The male participants of the studies did not fall far behind with many admitting to spending about $240 on average were just under $3000 a year on vanity and beautification products. This means that throughout their lifetime they would have spent about $175,000. Although, about 22% less than women it is still a lot of money. We talk to Anna White, a trained beautician at LaserBodyMD.Com and well-known provider of Laser Hair Removal in London, Toronto, ON, Canada and asked about the racial of women and men are having laser hair removal done in her spot. She confirmed that about 25% of clients are males and for this group laser hair removal in the back and chest area are the most popular. While on their arms, mustache area, and bikini area are the most popular for women.

The study was also very clear that not all of this money was spent on duty and or vanity products at the percentage was spent on diet products and or weight loss plans. In order to get the best data possible return to Nancy Williams at New Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Miami Lakes, Fl. Nancy, is that go to nutritionist for people searching for medically supervised weight loss in Miami. At this locations the ratio between men and women was a lot more contest. With about 40% of her patients being males and 60% females. And although she admitted that many of the people that come to see her do so because of health reasons rather than vanity at the end of the day it’s all about looking better. In order to make our survey little bit more representative of the industry we contacted several med spas, weight loss clinics, and both cosmetic dentist and orthodontists throughout the South Florida area and we have concluded that the national average for the amount of money men and women are spending on beauty and vanity products is pretty much in line with those of South Florida residents.


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