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Tennant Floor Equipment – 3610 Sweeper

In the sphere of commercial cleaning sweeping large areas can be an arduous job location autolaveuse. At the mid 1980’s the very first battery-powered sweepers were introduced. Since the introduction of the ingenious bit of floor equipment lots of advancements have been made. Battery-powered sweepers use a jet to move dirt and debris from a surface into a debris hopper or storage unit. In recent years vacuum systems have been integrated within these sweepers so they can work on both hard floors and carpeted areas. Newer style sweepers have a side brush that sweeps debris from edges into the direct path of the rotating brush making cleaning easier. The sweepers are widely utilized in areas such as the hospitality sector, retail stores and any large region where sweeping could be time-consuming. Recently, Tennant introduced the 3610 battery-powered sweeper. This sweeper can clean around 11,000 square feet per hour, boosting the productivity of anyone using it.

The five main parts of a battery powered sweeper are the brush method, brush drive motor, vacuum cleaner system, charging system and user controls. The Tennant 3610 is not difficult to operate with an electronic user control panel that offers the user complete control over each part of the unit.

The brush system on the Tennant 3610 is comprised of two distinct brushes. Underneath the unit is cylindrical brush which spins, grabbing debris and transferring it into a storage area known

a debris hopper. From there that the debris is moved into the debris hopper. 1 nice aspect of this piece of flooring equipment is that the brush automatically adjusts to different types of flooring. The Tennant 3610 is ideal for both carpeted and hard floor areas with no adjustments needed from the operator. The larger cylindrical brush includes a cleaning path of twenty five inches and utilizes a poly propylene brush with six rows of bristles positioned in a chevron pattern.

The vacuum system with this battery sweeper uses a little blower engine that creates fifty five feet per minute of air movement that assists in moving dirt and debris into the hopper. This is a complex concept that has been added to the ground sweepers in the past ten years making them better at removing finer particles from the surface being washed.

As dirt and debris have been moved into the hopper system the atmosphere moves through two filters with a surface area of ten square feet. This gives ample airflow and filters the air so that air particulates moving out of the machine are kept to a minimum. Through the years this filter will become plugged with dust, the Tennant 3610 has a filter shaker feature that will automatically shake debris from the filter when the user activates the switch. The hopper system may hold thirty five gallons of debris and dust before it’s full. The dust collection hopper can be easily emptied by removing it in the machine with an ergonomically designed handle for simple removal.

The control panel is composed of six buttons, the buttons incorporate an on off major power button, to brush placing buttons, a filter shaker button, a vacuum engine button, and a click button that will shift the digital readout screen from battery to hours utilized. These buttons are easy to use and are located in the middle of the controller handles.

Total the Tennant 3610 is one of the best battery powered sweepers sold on today’s floor equipment marketplace. This machine has an average lifespan of ten to fifteen decades and is meant to be repaired and rebuilt when needed. Tennant parts are easily accessed from either a Tennant parts dealer or an internet Tennant parts store. This system is a lot better than units made by companies including Windsor, NSS, Tornado and Mastercraft USA.



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